Training uploads

for Athletes and Coaches

The Athletes and Coaches module of SportsLists allows clubs/tracks or coaches using transponder timing system (MyLaps, RaceResults, BeChronized) to upload their training session times via the BEMTrain software (avail. here) . All uploads are free.

For instructions on how to upload from BEMTrain, please go here.

All athletes and coaches can then purchase an annual subscription (via the App) that will allow them to see their training session times live on their smartphones.

For an athlete, only the times corresponding to his/her transponder (no matter at which club/track), will be displayed in the relevant folder name from the training session. Athletes can also invite other riders or coaches to view their times via the (invite) button. Only if the invited athlete accepts the invite, will the times be shared.

Once a coach has subscribed, he/she can then invite athletes into his profile that he/she are responsible for. Once again, only if the athlete accepts the invite, will their times being displayed in the coaches profile.

BEMTrain availability

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa:
BEM (MBX Event Manager) -

Europe: -

Rest of the World:
BEM (MBX Event Manager) -

BEMTrain upload instructions

In order to upload training or race session times to SportsLists you will need BEMTrain 2.0.0 or later.

Open BEMTrain and select or set up the session as normal.

Give the session a unique name.
Then go to Training.

In the Training panel, ensure that you have marked "Upload to SportsLists App". If you are doing live uploads and require live updates, then also select "Create during Capture"
Insert the relevant Upload Key, viz.

Select the refresh rate: Relaxed; Normal; Impatient; Fastest.
Then start the capture.
The last file upload time will be show. Any changes to the file will create a new upload.

At the end of the session stop the Capture and Exit as normal.

Got it!

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