Trainings module

In the SportsLists™ Training Module, Athletes and Coaches can subscribe via the App.

Athletes with personal transponders
{% trans 'Athletes can purchase an annual subscription, and will can then register their personal transponder numbers. This will give them access to viewing their times on the training tables that have been uploaded by the club/track/coach during the training sessions using the BEMTrain software. All clubs or tracks that have a transponder timing system installed, can upload all training sessions via BEMTrain. Athletes can also invite other Athletes or coaches to view their times. There is a limit of 5 invites per account.' %}

Athlete without personal Transponders
For Athletes that do not own transponders, they can then purchase an Athlete Single Table access, and will be able to register the transponder used during a training session to view the times for that transponder on the corresponding training session table. This is subject to the club/track registering all loan transponders via the SportsLists™ website.

{% trans 'Coaches can also subscribe to the Training module on an annual bases, and invite his/her Athletes to share their times with him/her. When a coach registers with SportsLists™, they will automatically also receive their own upload key in order to be able to also upload data from the BEMTrain software. All the accepted invitations will then give the coach access to those Athletes’ times on his training tables, no matter where the Athletes are riding or training and the times are uploaded via BEMTrain. A coaches’ account allows for a maximum of 25 riders to be added.' %}

Club/Tracks with loan transponders
Clubs or track with a transponder timing system installed and have loan transponders for their members, can register all the loan transponder numbers via our SportsLists™ website. With BEMTrain, the training session times can be uploaded to the App, and riders can purchase a Single Table access account for that training session and by supplying the transponder number can view the times for that transponder. The selected club/track representative will have access to all transponder times registered under the club/track’s profile.

For all fees, please see our fees table.

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